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Quick Links:. Print preview will show Printer-Friendly formatting. This web page is an attempt to unite and reconcile where necessary information from different sources about Corvair factory and dealer installed accessories and options -- sort of a one-stop shopping mart, alas, for products no longer made.

The tables provide information about which accessories, options and part numbers were available for different model years. Source Documents and Abbreviations. Thanks to Kent Sullivan for helpful discussions in sorting out some of the options, and Dave Newell for providing some additional documents.

If you see any errors or have additional information, they are welcomed by the Corvanatics Webmaster. This table lists options that were available as factory installations. Prior toFOA Factory Optional Accessory and RPO Regular Production Option numbers identified components that were factory installed in place of or in addition to standard equipment however, sometimes these may also have been dealer installed.

Some items were only dealer-installed options. The numbers given are RPO unless indicated otherwise. In the new system, RPO numbers consisted of a prefix letter corresponding to a general equipment group, and a part identification number between 01 - This system did not apply to paint or Interior Trim Options, which retained a 3 digit code.

The general equipment group letter suffixes are as follows:. Concerning the following two items, also see the article by Dave Newell in CorvanAntics vol34 2 pg 4the "Stock Is Round Mirrors D32 : The factory-installed FC round mirror was unusual for the off center mounting to the bracket. It's seems the switch to a shorter arm was made very early inas no vehicles with the 8" arm appear in any sales brochures. Beginning in July the mirror head was slightly modified with a change in part number to and was the RPO D32 style used through According to the TDBs, the brackets of the mirrors were painted the main body color, and the mirror head was black.

It was less ruggedly constructed, with no diagonal brace. It was available as either a factory-installed RPO D29 or a dealer-installed accessory see table below. Kent Sullivan reported finding original 'junior' size mirrors that are black PICalthough these are likely to be the dealer-installed version.

The rear door windows was eliminated and became RPO A12 option; as a result, the inside rear view mirror became superfluous and was also removed.Follow Slashdot stories on Twitter. Slashdot Apparel is back! Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach.

Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. Jason Koebler writes: Apple's top environmental officer made the company's most extensive statements about the repairability of Apple hardware on Tuesday: "Our first thought is, 'You don't need to repair this. Instead, it has focused on an "authorized service provider" model that allows the company to control the price and availability of repair.

Long-time Slashdot reader Theaetetus writes: I recently bought a house and the previous owner left some coax mostly RG59 running between rooms for cable distribution. I'm a cord cutter and don't need cable, and I've already run CAT6e everywhere. But before I pull the RG59 out and try to seal the various holes he left, I figured I'd pick Slashdot's brain: can anyone think of a good non-cable use for spare coax lines?

Leave your best answers in the comments. What can you do with old coaxial cable? This Massachussetts company is preparing to turn manufacturing on its head, with a 3D metal printing system that's so much faster, safer and cheaper than existing systems that it's going to compete with traditional mass manufacturing processes Plenty of design studios and even home users run desktop printers, but the only affordable printing materials are cheap ABS plastics.

And at the other end of the market, while organizations like NASA and Boeing are getting valuable use out of laser-melted metal printing, it's a very slow and expensive process that doesn't seem to scale well. But a very exciting company out of Massachusetts, headed by some of the guys who came up with the idea of additive manufacture in the first place, believes it's got the technology and the machinery to boost 3D printing into the big time, for real.

Desktop Metal is an engineering-driven startup whose founders include several MIT professors, and Emanuel Sachs, who has patents in 3D printing dating back to the dawn of the field in That money has come from big players, too, including Google Ventures And if Desktop Metal delivers on its promises -- that it can make reliable metal printing up to times faster, with 10 times cheaper initial costs and 20 times cheaper materials costs than existing laser technologies, using a much wider range of alloys -- these machines might be the tipping point for large scale 3D manufacturing.

According to an exclusive report via The Register, "a massive trove of Microsoft's internal Windows operating system builds and chunks of its core source code have leaked online. It is believed the data has been exfiltrated from Microsoft's in-house systems since around March.

We apologize for the inconvenience...

Anyone who has this information can scour it for security vulnerabilities, which could be exploited to hack Windows systems worldwide. The code runs at the heart of the operating system, at some of its most trusted levels. In addition to this, hundreds of top-secret builds of Windows 10 and Windows Servernone of which have been released to the public, have been leaked along with copies of officially released versions. Do retailers need to educate naive consumers about every aspect of the items they sell?

20171018_metal single bed silver_ai

Especially industry quirks such as this Furthermore, as the article notes, it's hard to see how the plaintiffs have been damaged when these building materials are compatible with the construction of the purchaser's existing buildings. Rather, what if a computer casing for a high-powered graphics workstation with multiple CPUs and GPUs, lets say, worked just like a small fridge or freezer, cooling your hardware down without using any CPU fans or liquid cooling and similar.

How much would such a fridge-casing cost to make and buy, how much electricity would it consume, how much bigger would it be than a normal PC casing, and would it be a practical solution to the problem of keeping high-powered computer hardware cool for extended periods of time?

Bonus question: Is such a thing as a fridge-casing or "Fridgeputer" sold anywhere on the world market right now? Microsoft is apologizing for mistakenly releasing some confidential and internal Windows 10 builds to the public.

Worryingly, the accidental mobile build even reached retail devices outside of Microsoft's Windows Insiders testing. If Windows 10 testers installed the mobile build it forced phones into a reboot loop and bricked the device. Testers will have to recover and wipe the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. Windows 10 testers that installed the PC build, an internal Edge branch, will have to wait for Microsoft to publish a newer build or roll back using the recovery option in Windows 10 settings.

At its developer conference on Thursday, Microsoft announced that the next major update to its desktop operating system will be called Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. It will be made available in September later this year. Timeline is a new feature that improves the Task View area to provide a list of apps and workspaces that you were using previously or on other devices.

Think of it like a time machine for resuming old sessions.You are assuming the real cause of the glitch is Ted's specifications about the line, but that is an implausible conclusion for reasons you mention. That is not something that can plausibly remain secret. Therefore, the "real cause of the glitch" is something other than his specifications, something that can go without being disclosed, and something worse that FAS's logo being on every Farobot.

We are never told what that may be, but we do know that both TF and ES know, and that both of them recognize Ted as being culpable for whatever it may be. Even then, what could be so damning that Ted would fear it more than the coming end of the world? Whatever Ted did, theres not gonna be anyone alive to remember it in a few short months, so what does he care? We're never told exactly. If that were made known, rather than an unexplained glitch, it would have meant wasting time on hearings and such.

And if Ted were under arrest he couldn't pay for Project Zero Dawn. So I see it as a bit of a bluff on Elisabets part. She didn't want to expose him and was more interested in making him do what was needed. Of course whatever the truth, it likely contributed to Ted's mental breakdown leading to his actions against the Alphas and Apollo. He wanted to hide the truth from the future as well. I feel like many people would rightfully blame Ted Faro, but not everyone would.

Just like how when shit goes wrong, Elon Musk, Chris Roberts, Jeff Bezos all have bootlickers that will never speak a word against their gods. But I think Elizabet was saying that Ted Faro would be thrown in prison.

WORSE than that. Ted is spinning his wheels, wringing his hands, and trying to cover his ass.

Dreams, because your sleep matters

The only thing more terrible than creating the agent that could end all life, is also destroying any chances or potential to undo it. Without it, destruction is guaranteed. They wouldn't even trust him to make rail guns, body armor, or tanks at that point. Here's the thing though. Minerva doesn't do anything to make the swarm less advanced as far as we know. AI consciousness in the Horizonverse inevitably arises out of sufficiently complex systems.

According to Ted, the solution had there been a back door would have been to force a patch that reinstates the chain of command such that the swarm will accept shut down codes. This is what Minerva does after forcing the lock on the proverbial front door. If the swarm were already sufficiently complex to have obtained consciousness, merely being given an order to shut down wouldn't have any meaningful effect without also purging the consciousness from the swarm again as far as we know, maybe it did, but it's never characterized in those terms.

More than likely, he did something very illegal, something that would land him in prison or left to die by his own company's robots because everyone would hate his guts for ending the world.

Sure, there would be no use for prisons if the world was ending in a year, but the public at the time didn't know that. The real glitch was probably an effort to make a huge catastrophe occur, and then Faro would swoop in and act like the hero. Except it failed. The real cause was probably not a glitch, that would have been covered up immensely if it were direct orders from Faro.

Everyone would have asked why there was no backdoor, not even one customized by FAS specifically for each customer, top-secret and unknown to anyone else, they would've had time and money to spend on it and everything.

Sobeck was one of the top scientists when she worked there and very close to Faro, more than likely part of his "inner circle" of sorts. If Faro knew, Sobeck probably did too, and if not he must have told her the truth after it spiraled out of control to the point they had to create Zero Dawn. Sobeck was definitely blackmailing him:. I'm playing through it again now and I was under the impression that the threat was before it was publically known. Basically, she was threatening him with exposing what was going to be inevitable but this way Ted could control the narrative which is what corporations did in that time anyway.

I don't think we are supposed to over analyse the cause of the glitch and that Sobeck is simply using the threat that she's going to tell US high command that Faro's "peacekeeper" swarm cannot be stopped. Perhaps the threat is that he can willingly cooperate and get the chance to build a bunker full of go-go dancers or have his assets seized by force and watch the swarm come for him from a prison cell?Elrohir slowly drifted off to sleep again in Elladan's arms, and this time Elladan promised himself that he would not leave him for anything in the world.

His twin needed all the support he could get, and if Elladan could provide that, he would.

"En 39-45, j'ai été travailleur forcé. L'Autriche refuse toujours de l'admettre"

After a few hours, he came to bleary awareness again, slowly raising his eyes to look up at Elladan. Elladan's arms tightened around him.

Elladan let go of him to allow him to do so, looking at the other with softness in his eyes. Elladan laughed softly and stood, holding his hand out. Elrohir took the offered hand and held it as they walked down the halls, dressed in their nightclothes in a similar way to when they had been mere elflings. They dressed in content silence and then headed down to the kitchens.

Coming into the kitchens, Elladan was surprised to find them not empty, as he expected, but three figures stood within it. Firstly, Elrond, who was speaking in soft tones to Gilraen, who stood by his side. On a chair sat the tiny human, Aragorn, munching happily at a cookie and ignoring the adults completely. Elladan nodded, already moving to get some food from the cupboards.

Elrohir stood awkwardly to the side, hands folded. He exchanged short greetings with Gilraen and then fell silent, watching Elladan as he got out plates and a few fruits and pastries. Aragorn was staring with wide gray eyes up at the younger twin, cookie crumbs lining his lips and cheeks. After a moment Elrohir noticed the staring and looked down at the child, tilting his head in question.

Aragorn lifted his small arms in a gesture that showed he wished to be picked up. Elrohir sighed softly and picked up the small child, holding him close. What's your name? Elrohir looked back to the child after nodding to the woman and bounced him gently.

My name is Elrohir. He leaned against Elrohir's shoulder, hands forming small fists in his tunic. Elrohir looked up again, and seeing the grieved face of the three before him, his heart fell with sadness. Arathorn had been a good man. You're going to stay here with me and my brother and sister and our Da for a while.The objective of … Continued. We strongly believe that there is ample opportunity for a modern drill hole program to identify additional resources.

We will be using an innovative and aggressive exploration strategy to develop resources and look forward to increasing the drill rig count in the near term on our other projects in the Bathurst Mining Camp.

The objective is to develop a multi-deposit asset base that would feed a central concentrator. In parallel, Osisko Metals is monitoring several base metal oriented peers for projects hosting zinc, copper, and nickel for acquisition opportunities.

Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd. For further information on Osisko Metals, visit www. Forward-looking information involves risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual events, results, performance, prospects and opportunities to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information.

Forward-looking information in this news release includes, but is not limited to, the use of proceeds of the Offering; the timing and ability of the Corporation, if at all, to obtain final approval of the Offering from the TSX Venture Exchange; an exemption being available under MI and Policy 5. Although the Corporation believes that the assumptions and factors used in preparing the forward-looking information in this news release are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on such information, which only applies as of the date of this news release, and no assurance can be given that such events will occur in the disclosed time frames or at all.

The Corporation disclaims any intention or obligation to update or revise any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise, other than as required by law. No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disapproved the information contained herein.

You must be logged in to post a comment. The objective of the drill program is to increase historical resources and to upgrade them to comply with NI regulations. A key part of this effort will be to investigate the potential for the thickening of the high-grade sulphide mineralization along previously unrecognized structural corridors that are typically associated to the major deposits in the BMC.

Brunswick No. Both mines occurred in structural corridors that enhanced the thickness and grade of the sulphide horizon.

The Brunswick Horizon is present at Gilmour South over 1. The historical resources are sparsely drilled leaving room to meet the stated objective. The drill program will investigate the periphery of the deposit along newly interpreted structural trends. This first phase of drilling will consist of 17 drill holes for a total of 9, meters. The deposit remains open on all sides. Significant previous intersections include: GS 9. Give me my free report! The Problems with Accredited Investor Restrictions.

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20171018_metal single bed silver_ai

Will you follow my color? Yes, we can custom products color according to your design or pantone number.Follow Slashdot stories on Twitter. Slashdot Apparel is back! Do you develop on GitHub? You can keep using GitHub but automatically sync your GitHub releases to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool and take advantage of SourceForge's massive reach. Follow Slashdot on LinkedIn. ZTE's new Axon M is a full-featured smartphone with a hinge that connects two full-size displaysmaking the Axon M a flip phone of sorts.

You can stretch the home screen and apps across the two displays for a larger working area, or you can run two different apps at the same time, one on each screen.

20171018_metal single bed silver_ai

You can also "tent" the phone, and mirror the displays so two people can see the same content at the same time. ZTE says that it is utilizing Android's default split-screen features to enable many of the dual-screen functions, and it has made sure the "top " Android apps work on the phone. In the "extended" mode, which stretches a single app across both screens, the tablet version of the app is presented provided there is one, which isn't always a guarantee with Android apps.

It's even possible to stream video on both screens at the same time and switch the audio between them on the fly, which might be useful if you want to watch a sports game and YouTube at the same time, I guess.

At its hardware event last week, Google unveiled its two new flagship smartphones: the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. While these devices feature high-end specifications and the latest version of Android, they both lack headphone jacks, upsetting many consumers who still rely heavily on wired headphones. This resulted in some minor outrage and caused Google to rethink its decision s.

The latest version of iOS fixes several bugs, including one that caused a loss of touch functionality on a small subset of phones that had been repaired with certain third-party screens and had been updated to iOS Apple-certified screen repairs are performed by trusted experts who use genuine Apple parts.

See support. Apple was then able to fix the problem remotely. Apple then put out a warning blaming the parts that were used to do the repair. Poof -- phone doesn't work. Poof -- phone works again. In this case, not all phones that used third party parts were affected, and there's no reason to think that, in this case, Apple broke these particular phones on purpose.

But there is currently nothing stopping the company from using software to control unauthorized repair: For instance, you cannot replace the home button on an iPhone 7 without Apple's proprietary "Horizon Machine" that re-syncs a new home button with the repaired phone. This software update is concerning because it not only undermines the reputation of independent repair among Apple customers, but because it shows that phones that don't use "genuine" parts could potentially one day be bricked remotely.

Earlier this week, a report said that Apple is planning to equip next year's iPad Pro with the hardware necessary for Face ID. All of the iPhones Apple plans to produce next year will reportedly abandon the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in favor of facial recognition. Kuo has previously said that it could take years for Android smartphone manufacturers to produce technology that can match the TrueDepth camera and the Face ID feature coming in the iPhone X.

Eco-friendly Two-sided polyester lanyard with plastic buckle breakaway

Face ID, says Kuo, will continue to be a major selling point of the new iPhone models inwith Apple planning to capitalize on its lead in 3D sensing design and production. That would spell the end of the line for Touch ID in the iPhone, which has been available as a biometric authentication option since An anonymous reader writes from Bleeping Computer: Speaking at a security conference, researcher Alfredo Ortega has revealed that you can use your hard disk drive HDD as a rudimentary microphone to pick up nearby sounds.

20171018_metal single bed silver_ai

This is possible because of how hard drives are designed to work.

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